Sunday, October 2, 2016

July, 2016

Fortune cookie prophecy, just weeks before my month long artist residency in Tuscany at the little slice of heaven that is Borgo Santo Pietro, located 40 min southwest of Siena.

Here I will share my first impressions of Borgo Santo Pietro...

Pure sensory overload.

The sent of lavender and honeysuckle overcomes my nose.
I breathe deep to savor such delicacy.

Rolling hills and ancient structures are guilded by
rays of the warm Tuscan sun. The long summer days
inspire many oil painted notations and over articulated
watercolors in an attempt to capture the light, color,
and atmosphere before me.

The gentle hummmmm of borgo's bees sounds steadily
as they work tirelessly for the sweetest honey to have
touched my lips

 the bold flavor and aroma of the morning espresso

 Doppio, per favore

I close my eyes now and take a deep breath, to let
the memory fill my nose, perk up my ears, touch
my lips, and inspire me to search for the essence
of my experience through the language of paint.

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